Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a special type of loan made to older homeowners to enable them to convert the..


Interest Rate

The most common buydown is the 2-1 buydown. In the past, for a buyer to secure a 2-1 buydown they would pay...


Loan Process

1) Calculate - Find out what your payments would be, compare the cost of living between 2 cities and more.

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3) Prequalify - We will help you determine just how much house you can afford.

4) Apply Online - Use our secure, online 1003 mortgage application which will be placed in top priority and receive immediate attention.

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We know that each customer has specific needs, so here at Universal Funding, LLC. , we strive to meet those specific needs with quality service and individual attention. We pride ourselves in giving you the mortgage information, loan options and convenient assistance you're looking for.

With a variety of loan programs and an established network of lenders behind us, we will find the loan that best suits your needs, at a very competitive rate. We offer conforming, non-conforming and government loan programs.

Let Universal Funding, you through the home buying or refinancing process, and provide you with the best service available.


A few options are available to fit your individual needs and your risk tolerance with the various market instruments...

There isn't a single or simple answer to this question. The right type of mortgage for you depends on many different factors..

The 11th District Cost of Funds is more prevalent in the West and the 1-Year Treasury Security is more prevalent in the East...

Most adjustable rate loans (ARMs) have a low introductory rate or start rate, some times as much as 5.0% below...